About FBI Animals (Fish, birds, insects & animals)

My Mission Statement


I am far from perfect. There are days when I am repulsed by my selfishness. I am also monumentally stubborn. I never apologise and I also lack patience. On the plus side I know right from wrong. I empathise with the less fortunate and I always try my best. I also love animals so much it hurts. 

Before I became vegan I felt lost. I didn't fit anywhere in the World and I genuinely thought there was something wrong with me. The power of social media quickly confirmed I was not alone and opened me up to many vegan friendships that continue to both humble and inspire me. 

I have always wanted to make my mark on the animal rights movement. But I wanted to be provocative and fearless. I wanted to ignite debate and spark controversy.

Above all, I wanted my work to be brutally honest and truthful. 

I am an animal. So I thought that I should use my own body and voice to expose the utter evil that innocent animals suffer within the industries that cruelly exploit them for money, profit and greed. I accept that not everyone is an animal lover but very few people can turn away from human suffering. It made complete sense to me to combine the two for maximum impact and effect. 

I finally got to a point in my life where I couldn't just do nothing anymore. I regret nothing I have done to date. Some achievements have both surprised and scared me.  

“The animal genocide continues, and until that stops I will keep fighting and protesting. It is my life, my insides, my family. It continues to be the greatest achievement I will ever own.”