My Vegan Story

Aged 18 and a meat eater

I was wearing size 18 clothes and literally eating everything in sight. At one point, for 2 weeks solid, I was eating McDonald's meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Aged 18 and a vegetarian

The jeans I am wearing in this photo were a size 18 and I was bursting out of them. I had no energy and was still eating very large quantities of food.

Aged 20 and a vegetarian

Although I had cut meat and fish out of my diet I was substituting them with lashings of cheese on every meal.


Aged 20 and a vegetarian

At this age I was taking absolutely no exercise and was eating family sized pizzas and drinking full fat coke.

Aged 22 and still a vegetarian

At this point in my life I had horrific cellulite and spotty skin. Consuming full fat dairy products that were literally polluting my body.

Aged 28 and vegan for only 8 weeks

I was desperate to wear a size 8 pair of skinny jeans. In the changing room I burst into tears when they fitted after I tried them on for the very first time. 


Aged 32 and still vegan

After the birth of my first son I was still going to the gym and avoiding sugar at all costs.

Aged 36 and vegan for 8 years

By now I had married and had my second son. It was around this time that I made the decision to set up my very own vegan animal rights organisation.

Aged 38 and vegan for 10 years

During this time I was spending every Saturday protesting on the street of London. To be honest that was my only form of exercise at this stage in my life.


Aged 40 and still a vegan

I reached 40 and decided that the best way forward for me was to reach out to the rest of the vegan community via social media and the internet.