These photographs are intended to make humans think about the connection between animals and the industries that exploit them. I posed for them completely naked to portray the beauty of animals in their natural state.

Each photograph has a individual message and my aim is to make every new photograph even more controversial and thought provoking than the last.

Photo shoots explained


6 million innocent Jewish people were murdered by Hitler in just 4 years. 56 billion innocent farmed animals are murdered by humans in just 1 year. To animals, all humans are Nazis. The Holocaust for humans was very small but mercifully it eventually ended. The Holocaust for animals is far larger and worse in comparison because still it continues. The Bible says "thou shalt not kill". But of course, just as Hitler had his own personal calling in life you were born to eat meat weren't you?

Halal Meat

A muslim extremists evil descent into the terrorism of Isis begins at the dinner table. An evil and cruel religion that "GOD" turned his back on a long time ago. Lee Rigby once suffered this barbaric treatment and the world was left in shock and despair. Innocent animals still suffer this barbaric treatment yet everyone heads to their local curry house. A western woman with freedom of speech, my voice will never stay silent while this madness continues. Love for all, hatred for none means less than nothing.

Fishing and Whaling

Disabled people were once viewed as worthless and devoid of feeling and emotion. The lucky ones were left to die and the rest were locked away to be gawped at by humans. Sea animals are still viewed as worthless and devoid of feeling and emotion. The lucky ones are killed immediately but the rest are locked away to be gawped at by humans. Kept in cramped and appalling conditions they experience pain, fear, terror, torture, despair and death... a fish is not a dumb vegetable!

Cows Milk

 The Catholic Church used to take newborn babies away from their mothers for money. The Dairy Industry is still taking newborn babies away from their mothers for money. If supermarkets sold bottled human breast milk there would be riots. You are the only animal to drink another species breast milk and are still breastfeeding at your age because humans want 'bitty'. A cow is a mammal and she only produces milk during pregnancy to feed her baby. Cows milk is cows milk, bottle or no bottle - udder and all! 

Battery Hens

Nelson Mandela lost his freedom for 27 years of his life and was treated like an animal even though he was innocent. Battery hens are prisoners their entire lives and eventually die in these conditions even though they are innocent. Never underestimate any living creatures will to survive. Battery by name, battery by nature. Black or white, animal or human. Only vegans can see the true colour of someone's worth. Oh and FYI, an egg is a chickens period - PERIOD! 

Skinned Alive

 If real fur is fashion then rape is romance. Using warmth as a justification for wearing real fur is identical to using pleasure as a justification for rape. Beaten, cut, ripped, torn and stolen from the innocent and beautiful. Worn by the selfish, greedy, heartless, evil, insane, guilty and ugly. You have to be a special kind of fuck ugly to wear real fur. Everybody knows their perverted entitlement yet nobody knows their compassionate responsibility. Real fur is for pussies....vegan girls fake it every time! 

Roast Pork

Jeffrey Dahmer killed, dismembered, cooked and ate his victims. The Meat Industry kills, dismembers, cooks and eats its victims. Your meat was a gentle soul - mother, a child, alive. Your meat fought for its life by attacking and screaming. At death everyone begs for mercy on their soul and in life all animals are pets that live and breathe. A pig is more intellignet than a dog. Pigs and humans share almost the same DNA. You are much closer to cannibalism than you think - chew, swallow, stomach & digest that! 

Rack Of Meat

Meat is the chemical laden corpse of a raped, tortured, abused, beaten, humiliated and murdered innocent animal... do you want fries with that? Meat is meat - cow, pig, sheep, dog, cat, lion, chicken, horse, elephant, rat, human. Murder is murder - blood, breast, bones, heart, liver, brain, lungs, kidneys, skin, tongue, ribs. Auschwitz and slaughter houses are identical in their factory line brutality and mass production. Of all the creatures that move and breathe on this earth, none is weaker than man! 

Anal Electrocution

So you love wearing real fur do you - the same real fur that has been fucked up the arse by volts of electricity? Of course you do, and I totally understand and respect your defence. After all, pedophiles love the innocent children they sexually abuse don't they? The truth is easy to ignore and deny when you are ignorant enough to look the other way. Real fur is your perversion, your guilt and your one day you will be required to fall to your knees and bend over! 

World Vegan Day

Every year on 1st November, all vegans around the world celebrate and champion our vegan lifestyle. The vegan lifestyle is beneficial for the health of human beings, not to mention that it fosters environmental protection as well as the lives of animals.

 The Day was established in 1994 by Louise Wallis, a UK celebrity who was then President & Chair of The Vegan Society 

Foie Gras

The Suffragettes were force fed to within an inch of their lives. The Foie Gras Industry is still force feeding its innocent victims to death. Everyone is content to consume the lie yet no one is prepared to digest the truth. To determine whether something is ethical or humane first consider if you would want it done to you. Only a profoundly sick country would continue to produce such wretched torture in a tin. France, enjoy your next mouthful of foie gras - I hope it chokes you. Bon appetite!  


Fur hag